Earn a
passive income
staking cryptocurrency

The simplest way to earn crypto

Earn returns up to 12% annually on your deposit for staking with us. Create savings and build for the future.

Be ahead of the curve

Earn crypto for supporting validators of blockchain networks. Stake with us to build the future we deserve.

Build the Future

We believe in helping to build out a future we would want to live in. To help accomplish this goal we will be allotting 10% of our profits towards OSS (open source software) this is not only limited to blockchain projects, beach and forest cleanups, and educating more people.

Join us on this endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide safe and secure blockchain infrastructure for staking based blockchains. We run validator services on a variety of different networks to secure blockchains and earn rewards for running these services. When you stake with us we share the block rewards with you.
Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support opertions of a blockchain network. It locks the curreny in a wallet to review rewards. The concept of staking is closely related to Proof of Stake. You can learn more about that here.
Drop us an email at blockfrastructure@gmail.com